Lasers and Lighting

  • Annie Lennox in front of a high quality laser drawing displaying the message: 'I'm in, Oxfam'
  • Amazin pruple dancing laser beams
  • Spectacular dome projection with supporting high powered laser beams.
  • Bahrain national day featuring LM Productions high performance, intelligent lasers


A unique light, from a classic single colour beam show to the synchronisation of multi-coloured lasers, within a multimedia extravaganza; from an intimate location to an international arena, we can provide lasers to suit any event or venue.

From a pre-programmed laser show to a customised display, we can produce a truly unique laser spectacle; including concept creation, storyboarding, image production and programming, using vivid coloured beams, strobes and effects, complex graphics and animations.

We also offer high quality laser systems for sale, with permanent installations in various venues from theatres, nightclubs and even on cruise ships both in the UK and overseas. Full maintenance of systems and training of operators is also provided.

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Universal 360 combined sophisticated high-definition projection technology, solid state lasers and a rainbow of pyrotechnic displays.

Universal 360

LM Productions custom designed four StratoSphere venues that floated in the central lagoon at Universal Studios, Florida, which acted as a 360 degree stage for the night-time spectacular.

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A stunning multimedia show was created using incredibly bright, high-quality building projection incorporating a live feed, spellbinding laser effects, a custom soundtrack, smoke machines and special effects lighting.

Feliz Navidad

The Christmas season got off to an incredible start when LM Productions teamed up with Ibercover, Samsung and Madrid City Council to create an award-winning show to wish the people of Madrid a very Merry Christmas!

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LM Productions supplied a high-powered green laser system creating a giant interactive laser projection on the side of the Royal Scottish Academy building.


Oxfam’s Big Light Totalizer, hosted in Edinburgh for four weeks, was the ideal attention-grabbing solution in aid of the ‘I’m In’ campaign.

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